About Us

Who are we? 

Karuna Institute is a Charitable Nonprofit formed in 2002 by Michael F. Roe. Karuna Institute is a registered Wisconsin nonprofit (NGO), 501(c)(3) eligible.

What we do?

Karuna Institute is the vehicle for charitable and educational projects sponsored, in part, by Law Offices of Michael F. Roe LLC as part of its mission to “do well for its clients and do good for others.” In some cases, individual donors have donated funds that have supported Karuna projects, mainly through the Wai Khru project (assistance to Phra Khru Bah’s Golden Horse Temple). All revenues from the activities on this site support the charitable projects of Karuna Institute.

Karuna Institute also sponsors The Departing Warrior Project   and the Wai Khru Foundation

Karuna Institute has been involved in small, but important, projects such as supplying funds and supplies to refugee Hill Tribe children in northern Thailand for food, clothing, and educational needs. Further, Karuna Institute funds projects related to anti-trafficking (women and children) efforts in Thailand in association with larger NGOs operating in Thailand and outside of Thailand. Karuna Institute established PACThai as a US-Thai NGO that supports anti-trafficking efforts in northern Thailand.

How we do it?

The Law Firm devotes a significant percentage of revenues to the charitable goals of Karuna Institute. In some cases, aged client receivables are collected and applied to Karuna Institute’s nonprofit account. In other cases, direct fundraising activities generate funds for Karuna’s projects…in all cases, 100 percent of collected funds go toward the projects. Karuna Institute does not use funds raised for admin costs or travel costs.